Our Team

Yash Mukand

Yash is dedicated to raising awareness about stress in the workplace through his collaborative sessions with both corporates and individuals. His goal is to address the root causes of stress and help employees increase their productivity through holistic practices. He specializes in providing training in soft skills, mental well-being workshops, and mindfulness practices for working professionals.

Dr. Rasmita Raiguru

Ayurveda Doctor

Dr Rasmita Raiguru is a highly trained and experienced Ayurvedacharya with deep roots in the traditional healing practices of her family’s heritage. She comes from a long line of Ayurvedic practitioners, and is the 5th generation in her family to carry on this tradition.

Ms. Annu Yadav

Ayurveda Kitchen Consultant

Annu Yadav, a published author, a certified Ayurvedic kitchen coach and consultant she  has  healed many ailments with the change in her  lifestyle, cooking and eating habits, based on Ayurvedic Principles.
She is dedicated to assisting individuals who are experiencing illnesses related to poor cooking and eating habits. Her mission is to raise awareness and promote consciousness around cooking and eating choices in order to improve overall health and well-being.

Ms Uzma Nawchoo

Expressive Art therpist

Uzma is a highly experienced and qualified expressive art therapist, with 9 years of experience working with both children and adults. She holds a Bachelors degree in Visual Art and Design and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.
Uzma’s therapeutic approach, Expressive Arts-based therapy, is a unique blend of different art forms integrated with various psychotherapy modules, effectively combining art and psychology to help her clients.