MY STORY from BEING Atul to Yash 

Transforming  Emotions
Laziness to Discipline 
Fear to Courage 
Anger to Kindness
Worry to Faith
Despair to Hope 
Selfishness and Selflessness

Confidence Yash a yoga alliance, USA Certified Yoga Instructor. five elements center in gurugram

About Yash 

Yash is a certified yoga, meditation teacher,  life coach and holistic coach. Having studied the modalities of traditional yoga and modern psychology. Yash has a diverse knowledge of rich yogic tradition and  about  NLP ( Neuro linguistic Programming ) he helps people to connect them to their true self.


Courage Once we stop reaching, stretching, seeking and risking, five elements center in gurugram

Yash has an aim of creating a space that nurtures, empowers and helps people be their productive best, but all while achieving a stable state of confidence and good mental health. His clients would be able to take a closer look at their innermost selves and try to be free of their inhibitions and issues. They would be able to understand themselves better with his guidance. 


While his learning days were going on, Yash had understood the importance of doing something out of the box, and that traditional life coaching,NLP tools and  techniques were not enough. , and he chose Yoga as an aid to the process.

His Five Elements Centre in Gurgaon is a big step toward his goal of holistic life coaching, and it was based on the observations made from walking the path of spirituality, understanding ancient yogic texts like Pitanjali Yoga Sutras and Swara Yoga. 

The Big differentiator


Yash believes that regular practice of Yoga, Breath awareness, mindfulness  coupled with effective psychology techniques such as NLP and life coaching can truly change how people look at holistic wellness.


While in his life coaching sessions he aims at using the art of structuring his questions in a way that would guide his clients through inner most shift.  This shift would obviously help the clients achieve a good work-life balance, and align their professional goals with their personal life and time. But, apart from that, it would open a gateway for them that makes them see their life’s true purpose, what they were born for, and what they would live by.

This kind of clarity is essential in every person's life, and Yash has a vision of providing exactly that to his clients. .