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Ways to mend any Relationship

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

In every relation, arguments occur, but the strife and pain do not signify that the relationship is over. The ideal relationships are those in which both the individuals sort out the matter after a conversation with each other.

Similarly, ideal relations are those in which there is unspoken oneness and communication. Mending your relationship is vital to maintain a healthy relationship. Often after an argument, an individual always feels that the other person does not understand them, and this will lead to severe consequences.

How to start mending a relationship?

The relationships can be best mended by using a simple strategy. In this strategy, one needs to think from different perspectives about what the other person thinks, what will be their reaction to any argument.

Similarly, one also needs to be neutral and transparent and communicate with the partner the problems one is currently facing and how it can be overcome. Having a conversation with a partner is most effective, as communication will give rise to new ideas to overcome the issue.

Similarly, instead of arguing on the topic, one needs to listen to the other person's perspective.

Carefully listening to the other person resembles respect, and both of them can figure out the thing. Arguments usually break out when one person seems to be keeping their perspective suddenly the other person starts saying something without understanding what the former needs to convey.

Another way to mending your relationship is that one needs to be in their self-position and think before talking about what could trigger the argument, what an individual sees, how the arguments start, and what their justification is.

All things become easy when we know about the reactions of the other person due to close bonding. Thus, by keeping this all in mind, one needs to avoid the triggering situation.

One needs to measure their ongoing situation with their partner and then say anything to them. Thus, this will help to mend the situation successfully.

Apart from the above-discussed methods of restoring a relationship, there are other steps which can prove beneficial to mend relationships. They are discussed below:

● One needs to place themselves in a self-position and need to talk to themselves about why the argument started and how it ended in an unresolved manner. An individual thought about the argument and what was the triggering situation.

They also need to think by placing them in the previous argument position and look at the point what they see through their eyes. Similarly, one also needs to think about what they had said to the other person during the argument and if it was right or wrong.

After considering these things, one needs to think about what your feelings are after the argument.

Moreover, an individual also needs to consider if their justification is appropriate and others why the other person might say like that. When one gets all these answers, it will help them clarify the doubts and end the argument.

● In another way, one needs to place themselves in the other person's perspective and consider some questions. Firstly, they have to think about what they will be feeling about the ongoing situation. If the justification, the other person gave was somewhat correct and why the manner in which the argument ended was not appropriate.

One needs to think by keeping themselves in another person's perspective that why the thing happened and how it could have stopped. And the reaction which the partner gave to the justification was right or wrong.

What would have caused the other person to say those things and if the fault was with their own justification or not? And finally, what the different things that one shares with the partner to pacify them and make them understand what the thing that is going wrong is. This can also prove to be beneficial for restoring a relationship.

● In the third step, one needs to put themselves in the third person, i.e. spectator perspective and think to oneself that who among the two-person is right and who is wrong.

Similarly, then one needs to think about the intention of one person, what they are trying to convey and the reaction of the other person if they understand the thing or not.

And if the problem lies with the first person if they had failed to convey their opinion or put forth the point in the wrong manner.

Thus, by considering the three different positions, one can quickly know what went wrong in the argument and how they can mend it.

If they find that fault lies in them as they could not put forth their point and start the argument in an unnecessary way, they can go to their partner and speak with them and resolve it. And if the problem is with the partner and they have not understood the wrong thing, then both of them can mending your relationship by having a mutual conversation by telling them where they went wrong.

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