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Tips For Your Daily Routine For Your Office

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Work-life can be very hectic, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic. However, there is nothing a good routine cannot solve! With lesser chances to go out for frequent travelers or movie nights with friends, it is certain that working individuals can often feel too stressed to be too worked up.

To avoid this, i will suggest to you a stable routine that includes practising mindfulness.

Thus, today we are going to share a few tips and tricks for building and following a steady daily routine for your office to help you achieve those goals that seem far off.

Therefore, bringing peace and stability to your work-life balance. By following such a routine, not only will you be able to become more productive and effective but also spend quality time with family without staying frustrated.

Let us look into the primary tips for your daily routine for your office.

1. Wake up in the morning and be grateful to God for whatever you have in your life. Thank your parents, family, spouse and children.--- practising gratitude helps our heart to create a strong magnetic field around us as the heart sends out an electromagnetic field that changes your emotions and your thoughts.

2. When you reach the office and start working, always be grateful to your company. Feel gratitude towards your clients, your boss and your team members. == by doing this

The heart sends out an electromagnetic field that changes with your emotions.

3. Start your day with an intent to give your 100%, you are already halfway through the success in your day — with an affirmation to give your best, you are training your mind and body subconsciously.

4. Make a list of how you can make your day more productive than it was yesterday and the day before.

5. Always appreciate your team members for their good job. If you are a leader don’t point out restrictions and limitations.

Eliminate the belief that if I appreciate people, then they might take you for granted.

6. If you face a challenging situation at work during the day keep a note that a challenging situation is an opportunity to know your work better and improve or innovate to make it better.

7. Link challenge situations to learning and see what you can learn from this, how can you use your imagination to solve this situation and feel it completely in your body and breath.

8. If anyone is bothering you at work or provoking you, relax, don't react, take a few deep breaths and write down what are the five ways I can think of building a good relationship at work with him/ her. Continuously focus on that until you get the outcome.

9. If you have any problem in mending any relationship with your colleague or your boss at work, practice the following:

Your preceptive :::::::: What is your justification for you being right?

Now, think from another person’s point of view and ask yourself what is his justification of being right and ask yourself being that person what do you don’t appreciate or respect or acknowledge or understand about the intent of x (the person with whom you have issues)

Now being a neutral observer, ask yourself what are the limitations of x? the person with whom you have issues)

Next, being a neutral observer, ask what are the capabilities X (the person with whom you have issues) has to handle this situation in a better way.

Do this again and again till you get the breakthrough.

10. When a nasty mail comes from a boss or client, relax and shake your body rapidly and take 5-10 deep breaths. Drink water and think about how I can respond to that email, not getting furious and not hurting the sentiments of another person.

11. Change the words you say at work —— if you say I hate this company replace it with I love this company and if you say I have loaded with work say I have little bit work I will manage things. If you say that I made a mistake, say it’s ok I made a mistake, let's look for ways to solve it.

12. Respect every person in the office. Don’t indulge in rumours or judgement about any person because, in the end, it will affect you a lot as it builds a feeling of jealousy and competitiveness.

13. When you end your day, make a list of what all things you have to do tomorrow and perform a self-assessment as to where I was today. If out of the 0-100% you are in a lesser percentage then create a strategy for how I can deliver the best for my company and my client.

14. If you get a call from the office once you are done for the day, relax and don’t get angry. Why do you want to waste your energy and spoil your mood? Rather pick up in a relaxed way and answer the query of your boss or team member politely.

15. When you sleep, give thanks to god and send love to family and freaks and send forgiveness to people who bothered you too and take a deep breath and sleep.

The heart’s magnetic field can be measured up to several feet from the body. So, fill that magnetic field of heart with love joy, gratitude and appreciation

Upon following these simple tips, you will be able to align your mind, body and soul.

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