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Master Steps to Manage Anger and Anxiety

What should be done in case of panic or anxiety attacks or a sudden rush of anger?

Well, in such a case, you should quickly ground yourself. Today, we will share a few simple steps on how you can achieve this.

As soon as you feel a rush of anger flowing through your body

or you experience a panic or anxiety attack, an increase in your heartbeat, or if you are having uncontrollable thoughts or breathlessness.

Bring your attention to the present moment. Feel the warmth and safety of Earth. Touch the ground, walk barefoot or sit and lie down on the floor and tell yourself, “I am safe,” or if you are sitting on a chair or lying on the bed, say “Yes, it is holding me and I am guarded.”

You can also simply lie down and create an imagery character of your anxiety or the bad situation in your mind as a devil and start visualizing yourself as more powerful and bigger.

Imagine that you are killing the devil of anxiety and feel superior to it. Say it out loud to the devil, “I am much bigger than you. I will kill you and beat you if you ever disturb me.”

Slowly shift your attention to your hands with the intention that you hold control of everything in your hands. Now, walk barefoot and feel the energy of the Earth. If you are in a garden, feel the freshness and healing energy of nature by walking barefoot on the grass and feel connected to Earth.

Repeat these few ways until you start feeling better, keep taking deep breaths— begin with inhaling from your nose and slowly exhale from your mouth...again, inhale from your nose and slowly exhale from your mouth... inhale from your nose and slowly exhale from your mouth...

Now, again bring your attention to the present moment and focus on your breath...imagine a white light entering from the top of your head and healing your mind and every cell of your body...stay with that white light until you completely immerse with it...feel that the shining ray of light is protecting you, healing you and loving you unconditionally...connect with this light whenever you experience anxiety or restless or anger.

Repeat the steps until you feel grounded and relaxed in the moment.

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