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Gratitude-We Fail to Recognize

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

In the realm of life, we often forget about the little things that make our life worth living. As human beings, we always see emotions such as feeling jealous, envious, angry, or sad as the most negative emotions. However, it is the feeling of not being grateful enough which is the core reason behind blocking positivity into your lives.

Practicing gratitude is nothing less than a religion which can help you modify your belief system. It can instantly bring a positive shift in your life.

In fact, since childhood we are taught to build a belief system on feeling grateful of the little things in life to enhance the quality of life.

This is the major reason why kids are taught to say thankyou to anyone who gives us any gift or to any shopkeeper or vendor who offers some services.

Gratitude is equally important as feelings of happiness, joy, trust, and love. It is necessary to feel grateful not just in little things of life. Some of the events where one feels gratitude are overcoming a challenge in the job and birth of the child.

However, we miss out on feeling grateful in the little joys such as the cab driver dropping us home safely or a friend helping you to complete a task.

Thus, it is important to show gratitude whenever someone adds something to your life whether in kind or as a feeling.

How does gratitude bring a change in your change?

Whenever we feel gratitude, our brain releases the chemicals, dopamine and serotonin.

These are two crucial neurotransmitters that are responsible for our emotions and welcome the feeling good. The chemicals instantly enhance our mood immediately, and help us feel happy and aligns our energy with positivity.

Here are the steps to include gratitude in your life:

STEP ONE: Thank anybody who has helped you to provide services in exchange of money, feel gratitude and thank the person. Just be grateful for the fact that if this person was not in your life, you would not have been here.

STEP TWO: Feel gratitude and write it down in your journal before sleeping. Share the little victories with your friends and family. Remember to use positive words while expressing those feelings.

STEP THREE: Be aware of the changes in your body and feel gratitude for the person that offers peace and positive experiences into your life.

STEP FOUR: Practice gratitude every morning by thanking God and your family and friends. You can also write down top 10 things that you are grateful for in your life, be it a small drive with friends, understanding spouse, bike and the abundance of money and health.

Whenever you feel bad feelings, think about the little things in life that you can be grateful for. Place your hand on your heart and communicate the feeling of good energy and remember the good things in life.

Tonight as you go to sleep, feeling gratitude for each breathe that you took, each time you laughed or felt the feelings of happiness, joy or love!

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