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Acres of Diamond BY Earl Nightingale

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Today I will share with you an inspirational story narrated by the renowned author, Earl Nightingale. The story, Acres of Diamond is featured in his book, ‘Lead the Field.’

The story, ‘Acres of Diamonds,’ revolves around an African farmer who had heard astonishing tales and incidents about other farmers who were making millions after they had discovered the diamond mines. This influenced the farmer to go and look for the mines himself.

So, he decided to sell his farm and discover other lands across the African continent.

After he successfully sold his farm, he spent the rest of his life wandering the African continent in search of shining diamonds. Alas! He failed. In the end, the disappointed farmer jumped and drowned in the river.

In the meanwhile, back at the farm that the farmer had sold, the new owner crossed a small stream on the property where he saw a bright flash of blue and red light emerging from the bottom of the stream.

With curiosity, he went and picked up the big diamond from beneath. Later, he kept it on his fireplace mantel with much admiration.

A few weeks later, a guest who visited the new owner noticed the stone and looked at it closely. As he saw it with the utmost surprise, he held it in his hands and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Excitedly, he questioned the new farmer if he was aware of its value. The farmer replied with a no and said that he thought of it to be a piece of crystal. To his surprise, the stone was one of the largest diamonds in the world.

The farmer could not believe it and told the visitor that the stream was full of such pieces. While not every piece was this large, they shined extremely bright beneath the stream.

Well, we can now conclude that the former owner of the land sold the property for nothing. He left a land where the largest diamonds were found in the entire African continent to look for them elsewhere— and happened to find nothing but disappointment.

We can clearly say that the moral of the story is that if the previous owner had spent some time to study more about his area of interest, that was precious stones and diamond mine,

In this case, he would have found that he owned one of the most valuable pieces of land in the African continent where he could have found the largest diamonds. Thus, he could fulfil his dreams of becoming rich.

Similarly, we own acres of diamonds within ourselves. Look around and see the beautiful things that are created by the power of the human mind. So, we can say that everything that exists, in reality, was initially created in the mind.

Thus, to achieve success, happiness, joy and abundance, we need to understand our goals and priorities in life and then focus on fulfilling them with passion and patience.

With the right set of mind, we can create acres of diamond in our reality— not only in terms of wealth but also health, love and quality of life. Our mind is the most valuable resource that we own, but it is necessary to understand how to explore the unlimited possibilities that are waiting to be claimed by you.

Just like you have claimed the reality you are living in the present by doing mind work in your past.

One of the best examples of this theory of finding acres of diamonds within you is the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He thought of connecting with the world online by creating a networking website that allows people to share, comment, like and dislike posts, photos and stories.

Today, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms used by corporations and common people around the world.

We have now understood that to find acres of diamond, we only need to hold our pen and find a notebook to scribble exactly what we want in our lives.

For instance, if you want to be an entrepreneur, chef, athlete or actor, you must write it down with pure intentions and live and feel that goal with every breath that you take.

Get obsessed and addicted to that goal, walk with it, breathe with it and feel as if it is happening in your reality. With a steady pace, make a plan and what all resources will you need to achieve your goal.

With time and constant efforts, you will find your acres of diamonds.

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