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Art Of Keeping The Mind Sanitized In Times Of Covid-19

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Every country is battling with Coronavirus and advocating strict sanitization as a remedy. The present pandemic of COVID-19 has taught the entire world to sanitize everything around, including our surroundings and parts of our body.

In addition, the current pandemic has taught us the importance of maintaining social distancing, practising hygienic practices, and staying at home.

However, we also need mind sanitizers for mental well being during covid that can assist us in fighting vigorously against the deadly villains that are negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and sadness.

When on one side, Coronavirus is affecting our physical health, on the other hand, negative thoughts are having a bad impact on our minds.

We are unsure of where our life is heading. No one seems to know how long this is going to last, and that has only increased anxiety in all of us. Mind sanitization can assist you in remaining positive in these difficult times.

Steps To Help You Walk Through The Road Of Mind Sanitization

Practice meditation and mindful habits

10-15 mins of Meditation can help in sanitizing the thoughts entering your mind and help you to bifurcate between positive and negative thoughts.

As you have routines that help you navigate your day, it is advisable to make meditation a part of your daily routine so that you can cleanse your mind before you even start your day.

Think happy be happy:

Soak and store thoughts in your mind that make you happy and keep you motivated so that you can get access to them anytime during the day when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Eliminate negative thoughts and fear

Since wearing a mask has become an absolute necessity when you visit places, wearing a mask on your mind should be as well.

This mask of the mind would help you keep negative thoughts at bay, including those of fear, stress, sadness. This mind mask will provide protection against people who talk and spread negativity of any sort.

Stay away from negativity

Maintain social distancing not just with people who can spread the virus but also with people who are bound to spread a negative vibe around them.

Negative news check

Social media has an undeniable impact on our lives as we spend many hours on these platforms.

Avoid any kind of negative news or negative content on these platforms, just add a filter to your mind that removes them or doesn't let you get affected as much.

Cleanse your mind of all bad vibes

Give time for your mind to unwind when you reach home after a long day at work. It becomes important to cleanse your thoughts of any negativity or any kind of disempowering emotions.

Feel love and appreciated

Generate love-filled thoughts for people around you and discard any kind of negativity arising in your mind for people around you. This would assist you in improving your personal relationships as well.

Follow a strict mind sanitization routine to deal with any outsider with negative vibes.

Final Words

Mind sanitization is an imperative aspect that can help us remain sane and sober in these difficult times and ensure the mental well being during covid. So, make the most of these tactics and let your mind remain on the path of peace and serenity.

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