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We also offer a diverse range of workshops on yoga, mental health, mindfulness and life coaching.

These workshops are designed for  individuals and corporations to help them balance their lives and connect to their true self.



The word “Kosha” means “sheath” in Sanskrit. It defines the metaphorical layers and they are connected closely to the soul. The three bodies that encompass the five koshas in yoga philosophy are the physical body, the subtle body, and the causal body.

The Taittiriya Upanishad, which is an ancient  Vedic text mentions the presence of the koshas. It states that there are five Koshas or Layers of our being such as BODY, BREATH, MIND, INTELLECT AND SPRIT.

These five layers represent the balance in our lives. Any negative experiences or emotions have a directly proportional effect on these layers in our personality. It is only when all these layers end up aligned, that we truly feel happiness.

Five Elements Centre assists you in balancing the layers of your personality by working with you personally on your life goals, allowing you to experience Joy and Bliss in Life. 



Our mission is to create self-awareness and help people from different backgrounds to meet their specific needs.We will be glad to join hands with those who have a strong desire to make things happen.

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Imagine your stress/worry passing like the clouds through the sky.